Published On: Sun, Aug 7th, 2016

Don’t Let Your Car Become A Death Trap By Neglecting Maintenance

Roads should be safer. There’s no reason for them not to be, not when you consider all the tech that you can buy for your car to protect passengers and make the car easier to drive. Why then, has the number of accidents on the road been steadily increasing for the past five years? One could say that it is because drivers are becoming more reckless. Perhaps, we are simply not respecting the level of power underneath our feet when we are on the highways. We think there might be another, simple reason for the number of accidents. A recent poll revealed that most new drivers have no idea how to maintain their car and keep it safe for the road. If drivers knew these fairly basic maintenance checks and warning signs, our roads would be a far safer place.


Tyre Pressure

In some states across America, around 20% of accidents are caused by blown tyres. Some of these will be due to environmental hazards on the road. How it is likely that a percentage are caused by drivers who have not checked their tyre pressure. It is crazy to consider this due to how easy it is to check your tyre pressure. All you need to do is give each tyre a quick kick. If you don’t feel any give, then they don’t need any more air. This simple yet crucial tech makes you car far safer to drive.


In the UK, the emergency stop has been removed from the curriculum for driving lessons. One of the reasons for this is that driving instructors and invigilators believe this is such a simple task that it requires no prior knowledge. However, it may have made people more relaxed when considering their car brakes. You should really be testing the brakes on your car before you even consider driving a long distance. People tend to avoid this because they know that braking uses more fuel. However, if you do notice that your brakes are not working as they should, a check like this could save your life. You don’t have to fix problems like this yourself. You can get specialised servicing for the brand of your car with professionals that will fix the issues for you. For instance, a Toyota service can easily be arranged online, even if it is just for a consultation.

Keeping It Clean

Another poll has shown that the cleanliness of your car is directly related to the amount of money in your bank account. Richer people are more likely to leave their cars dirty for longer periods. We wonder if they know that a dirty car is also unsafe. Mud, dirt and grime can build between the brake pads and in sensitive areas of the vehicle. It can stop the car functioning as it should in the event of an emergency. You should be cleaning your car at least once a month to prevent this type of hazard.

If drivers take this advice on board, road accidents will be greatly reduced. People will be able to take comfort, knowing they are safer on the highways.