Published On: Sun, Nov 6th, 2016

Car Dealerships Today Need Live Managed Chat

The secret to selling cars today isn’t overcoming objections, parking a test drive in the “sold lot,” or any other tricks espoused by the “old timers.” With the growth of online shopping and an explosion in available product information, today’s shoppers, including car buyers, want to stay in control of the conversation, and their first impulse is to run when they feel like they’re being “worked.” The secret to selling vehicles in today’s market is a high-functioning website and in order to make your website better at capturing leads and driving lot traffic to your business, you need live managed chat, an add-on to your site that puts customers in touch with operators 24/7 for all of their questions and concerns.


Managed chat is becoming the new standard for most car dealerships, but what are the features you should look for to get the most out of your service? First, it’s important to understand that its purpose is to capture all kinds of leads, from email addresses and phone numbers to test drive appointments on your lot. Features like overflow inbound call service, inventory-integrated scripts, and the ability of your sales team to monitor online conversations and intervene to take a lead to the next level are all necessary if you want to squeeze every lead and sale out this service.

#1 Out-of-Hours and Overflow Calls – Your sales team is busy and they don’t always have time to answer the phone (or at least, they shouldn’t exactly be waiting around for it to ring), which is why 16% of inbound calls during business hours go unanswered. That’s not a great way to start building or fostering your relationship with a customer, which is why managed chat companies like Gubagoo also offer inbound call services to manage calls outside of your business hours and those calls you just can’t get to in time. It might not be such a bad idea to have scripted, professional operators managing your phone – at least two-thirds of calls are mishandled by in-house dealer staff, including basic offenses like failing to ask for a future appointment.

#2 Customized Scripts – There’s some debate over whether it’s better to use scripts in live chat or personalized dialogue, but scripts mean fewer mistakes, more professionalism, and overall better service. What you don’t want is a one-size fits all script, and one company, Gubagoo, carefully integrates your dealership’s inventory into dynamic scripts and collaborates with your sales department on the final version.

#3 Bringing Salespeople on Board – The main drawback to services like these is the fact that operators have only limited access to information; for example, while they can and do book test drives, they can’t provide pricing information. In answer to this predicament, Gubagoo car chat room services come with an app that allows your sales team to monitor online conversations and calls from their mobile or laptop, and get involved in the conversation when they see an opportunity. They can “whisper” instructions or more detailed product information to operators or even introduce themselves into the conversation to provide important details that inch closer toward the sale. Your sales team doesn’t need to be on live chat all day and all night to stay involved, but their authoritative touch can show your customers that you’re attentive, on the ball, and always ready to help. Reach out to your potential customers earlier than ever with managed live chat and watch how it grows your sales.