Published On: Wed, Nov 25th, 2015

Amazing Gadgets That Can Upgrade Your Old Car

If you are driving around in a beaten up old car, you might suffer from a hint of jealousy at all the new technology in more modern vehicles. Let’s face it, new cars are jam packed with gadgets and computer displays, and many look more than a spaceship than a road vehicle.

 C220 interior

But, you shouldn’t worry too much. Most of the gadgets you see in new cars are available to buy separately from your local auto store. In this guide, we’re going to talk you through some of the best. Ready to upgrade your old wheels with some new gadgets?

Smart driving assistant

Older cars are notoriously wasteful, so it’s important to be as efficient as possible when driving. Well, the perfect solution to your problems has arrived. Smart driving assist technology helps you make sure you know all about your fuel economy to make sure you are driving as efficiently as you can. Check out the Automatic app for a cheap entry point. You will learn your miles per gallon rate, and once you tie this in with the speed and gear you are traveling in, you will see what a difference it can make.

Hands-free phone systems

Now that we all carry smartphones with us everywhere, it’s made many recent technologies almost redundant. Your phone has everything in there that you need, from maps to music. And, if you get a hands free system installed, you can also talk to your colleagues, and voice message friends. You can even listen to your emails via a text to voice service. A lot of smartphones also have car modes on them these days, too, which means they are easy to operate while you are on the road.


Of course, while your smartphone has map features, it’s sometimes best to go for a standalone GPS. They will give you so much more info about your journey, including traffic updates, shortcuts, and more direct routes. GPS is a standard feature in many new cars these days, and they are cheap to buy from a shop, too. Just make sure you hide it away when it isn’t in use. An old car with a flashy new GPS system on view is a tempting target for thieves.

Reverse camera

Again, many modern cars have rearview cameras in them when you buy them, but it’s cheap enough to install your own. Check out TadiBrothers for a closer look at prices and features. They are great for safety – you will see if any children or small animals are walking behind your car. And, they are great for avoiding having to spend half an hour or so reversing into a tight spot.

Back seat video screens

If you have kids, this will save your blood pressure on long car journeys – there’s no doubt about it. They are cheap to buy, too. You can install them yourself or have them put in professionally, but either way, it’s going to keep your kids entertained. OK, so you might have to put up with an hour or two of the latest Disney movie, but it beats the constant fighting and screaming, right?

What’s the last gadget you bought for your car? Why not let us know in the comments section below?