Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2018

8 Reasons To Upgrade Your Vehicle

Understandably, most people want to hang onto their vehicle for as long as they possibly can and get the most out of their pretty pricey purchase. However, there will likely come a time when you feel like you’re ready to – or need to – purchase a new vehicle. If you’re on the fence or looking for a convincing reason to go for it and buy that new car, check out the eight good reasons to upgrade, listed below.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

Better Fuel Efficiency

With gas prices continuing to rise and fluctuate unpredictably, good fuel efficiency has become one of the highest selling points on any car. You could save a good handful of cash every time you fill your car up if you’re able to get good gas mileage out of it, and that alone can help offset the cost of buying a new one.

Jobs Require Newer Models

Have you ever considered doing a little delivery driving on the side for some extra money? These days, there are more opportunities to use your own car to do work than ever before. Whether you want to deliver food or drive people around, there are opportunities for you – but only if you have a newer model vehicle. For safety reasons, older vehicles aren’t usually accepted when you apply for these driving positions. If you want that driving job, you may also want to consider upgrading your car.

Improved Technology

With every new generation of cars that comes out, there’s an increase in the technological refinement as well. Not only that, but advanced features that were once only available in luxury models will slowly trickle down into the more affordable lines of cars. These days you can get onboard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capabilities, and much more in an average sedan.

More Safety Features

Naturally, one of the biggest perks of upgrading to a more modern car is having more safety features available to you. The newer a car is, the more advanced their safety features will be. Whether it’s rear-view cameras, automatic braking, or blind spot detection, your experience will be improved greatly by an increase in the safety of your daily drives.

Lower Cost Of Maintenance

Maintaining an old car can be expensive. In fact, the older a car becomes, the closer it gets to being a “money pit”; just an endless hole that you keep throwing money into. You may even get to the point where the cost of replacing old or broken parts starts to rival how much you would be spending on a new vehicle. If you’re at that point yourself, or think you may get there soon, then it might also be time to start thinking about buying a new car to avoid those expenditures. A new car will also come with a warranty that can last up to 10 years, saving you even more on repairs.

Build Credit

Buying a new car is a great way to build your credit. If you need to bring up your credit score in order to be eligible for an apartment, a credit card, or anything else, then you can start to bring that number up by making sure you pay off your car payments in a timely fashion.

Your Car’s Value Is Dropping

Unfortunately, the longer you wait to sell your current car, the less value it will have. In fact, you lose thousands of dollars off of the initial price as soon as you drive your car out of the lot. Over time, the wear and tear of driving your car around will take its toll. Particularly old vehicles usually sell for thousands or even hundreds of dollars, depending on the age and how much repair work will need to be done. If you want to get a good chunk of change back, you should consider selling sooner rather than later.

Additional Comfort

All practical reasons aside, newer cars just tend to be more comfortable than the older models. You can customize the seats and interior fabric to fit your tastes. They’ll come with air conditioning and heating. The windows will roll down without you having to crank a handle, and you can unlock the doors with just a click of the button – or even just by standing near the door and having the fob on your person, in some cases. If you want to boost the comfort of your daily commute, upgrading your car is the go-to way to do just that.