Published On: Thu, Apr 1st, 2021

3 Creative Uses for Old Truck Parts

When a trusty truck bites the dust, you might think that it only destination will be the scrapyard, but that need not be the case. There are plenty of uses for old truck parts that you might not expect. Here are a few ways to reuse those parts and keep them out of the junkyard.

Old Truck PartsPickup Bed Trailers

Possibly one of the most common uses for old truck parts is to convert the bed from a used truck rear end into a trailer. The aesthetic appeal of such a trailer is pretty good, and the practicality of these trailers is also excellent. They can even be painted to match your existing car or truck, adding to the overall trendy feel of the trailer. As an added benefit, the wiring for the taillights is likely intact, saving the trouble of having to install new trailer lights on these adapted trailers.

Home Furniture

Old truck parts are just begging to be turned into modern furniture. For example, a truck hood can make for a cool and quirky bed headboard, tailgates can be constructed into attractive benches and truck ramps can be repurposed as clever shelf or table supports. If you’re a little handy with metalworking tools, practically any metal truck frame or body parts can be cut apart to be turned into almost anything you can imagine. Not only is furniture made of truck parts unique and eye-catching, it’s also incredibly durable and easy to clean. Whatever you design, you can be sure that your truck parts-turned-furniture will be an excellent conversation piece in your home that will last for many years to come.

Yard Decorations

The durability of truck parts makes them a natural choice for yard decor. A whole truck might make for an unusual large-scale garden ornament and planter, a large truck tire or two could make for a swing or play set addition and a wheel well could be converted into a fire pit. Don’t neglect possible uses for other parts as well — truck grills are a fun decorative addition to an outdoor grilling station, license plates can make for durable outdoor art and truck springs can be incorporated into sculptures or yard lighting solutions.

However you use them, old truck parts are a material with tons of potential. Whether you turn them into trailers, furniture or decor, the truck parts are sure to have a beautiful second life.